PC Spy Tool 12.01.01: Keeping an eye on all computers is now possible with a PC Spy Tool.

PC Spy Tool 12.01.01

Gain the complete control over the efficiency of employees with the help of a PC Spy Tool. Using this utility you can perform remote monitoring without facing any extra hassles. In fact, it is one such software that allows you invisibly monitor your entire network of computers from one centralized position, such as email, instant message, keystrokes, websites visited, applications used, etc.

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Computer Spy 11.02.01: Use computer spy to know which employee is doing what

Computer Spy 11.02.01

spy software, which helps organization to increase ROI. The software helps organization to know which employee is using Internet for personal activities and for how long. Depending on the information provided by the computer spy tool, loss to the organization can be calculated. For example, if the organization has 100 employees, each of them uses Internet for 30 minutes daily for personal use, and those 30 minutes cost $10 to the organization for

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Spy Software 11.02.01: Keep an eye on desktop activities of employees using spyware tool

Spy Software 11.02.01

Spyware tool. One can schedule the recording of monitoring when admin is not available physically to monitor the activities. Recording is saved in .AVI files and helps in attaining complete stealth monitoring. Spy tool is fully compatible with all versions of Windows Operating System. Free evaluation version of software is available that would monitor only 1 computer for 07 days. Purchase PC Monitoring software licenses for monitoring desired desktops

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Spyware Software 13.02.01: Spyware software to monitor employee activities in large organizations

Spyware Software 13.02.01

Computer spyware software is a proficient tool to track user activities on domain or workgroup server. It helps in monitoring and tracking user activities in stealth as well as invisible modes, so that only network administrator can know about the system monitoring. Moreover, Employee Desktop Live Viewer enable administrator to view live desktop activities with online mode

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Spytector Spytector is the ultimate invisible keylogger used to track all PC activities.


Spytector is the ultimate invisible keylogger (spy tool) used to track all activities on a PC. Spytector is tracking all the activities of PC users (visited websites, all the keystrokes, both sides of chat conversations, opened windows etc.) and delivers the logs to you via Email or/and FTP. In the delivered logs are also included the Protected Storage passwords (Outlook, MSN and others), FireFox passwords and URL history (visited websites).

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Spy Software 13.02.01: Keep an eye on employee desktop activities by using spyware tool

Spy Software 13.02.01

Now, it is very easy to perform LIVE monitoring of employee’s desktop ongoing activities with proficient and highly result oriented computer Spy software. By using this employee desktop live viewer tool, you can track desktop activities of employees of a particular domain in organization.

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SpyBoss KeyLogger Pro Keylogger Spy Computer Monitoring recorder & Internet Spy software program

SpyBoss KeyLogger Pro

Computer Keylogger Spy & Internet Monitoring Software Program SpyBoss Keylogger Pro a leading keylogger computer & Internet monitoring software tool SpyBoss Pro records every detail of what is done on a computer - records chats, instant messages, emails, web sites visited, what is searched for, what is done on MySpace.com, pictures posted and looked at, keystrokes typed, programs run and much much more... Spy Boss also uses advanced surveillance.

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Employee Spy Software 8.01.01: Track Internet Usage and Activities of Employees Invisibly

Employee Spy Software 8.01.01

spy software helps you in this too by creating offline logs for every user. An invisible monitoring tool lets you secretly spy activities without letting the user know about it. Key features of employee spy software are; invisible monitoring, logs keystrokes, capture screenshots, view visited websites with their time duration, with view window processes, view FTP activities, have complete control over monitored PC by locking it, closing and restarting

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SpyAnywhere 4.20: Superior Web-Based Remote PC Administration and Monitoring

SpyAnywhere 4.20

SpyAnywhere is a web-browser based remote control and remote computer monitoring tool.Ever need to remotely control or monitor your computer from a distance? Now you can with SpyAnywhere! SpyAnywhere is a remote spy tool that lets you monitor your computer from a remote location with just your web-browser. View keystrokes in real-time, control the user`s desktop in real-time, manage open windows and programs, and more. SpyAnywhere provides real-time

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Cell Phone Spy 1.7.6: Professional Cell Phone Monitoring Software

Cell Phone Spy 1.7.6

Cell Phone Spy is an undetectable spy software which allows you to secretly record all activities (including GPS positions) of your Windows Mobile, Symbian OS, Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, Android or BlackBerry smartphone. Cell Phone Spy records every SMS and logs every call including phone numbers with durations. All the calls and SMS logs are uploaded to your online account. Cell Phone Spy starts at every boot of your phone, in complete stealth.

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